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Esti Rein, Mónica. Politics and Education in Argentina 1946-1962.

Buenos Aires: M.E.Sharpe, 1998.


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Series foreword by Robert M.Levine.

Preface and Acknoledgments.


I. The Peronization of the education system.

1. Politics and Ideology in Peronist Argentina. 2. "The Only Privileged People in the New Argentina": Children and Education in Peronist Thought and Policy. 3. "Ammessage of Light": The Peronization of the Schools. r. Repression and Resistance: The Battle for Control of the Univirsities.

II. The De-Peronization of the Education Systema (1955-1962).

5. "The Tyrant Is gone, Long Live the Tyrany!!: Politics and Ideology during the Liberating Revolution and the Frondizi Era. 6. Stamping Out Peronism: Is There an Educational Alternative?. 7. Democratization on a Limited Warranty: The Universities under the Liberating Revolution. 8. "Secular or Free": Defining the Unversity during the Frondizi Era.




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